Explore the skills and drills of boxing!
FFpunch is a 50-minute full body workout using low-impact water filled Aquabags that are easy on the arms and build strength with powerful boxing sequences. What’s best? You need exactly zero experience to get in on the fun!

50 minute class

The high-powered full body workout!
FFburn is a high intensity workout focused on building strength and endurance. The sessions incorporate a mix of no equipment cardio exercises combined with strength training using hand weights. This is a high calories burning class that boosts your metabolism.

50 minute class

Ride like there’s no tomorrow!
Our one of a kind, rockstar trainers guide you through an unparalleled fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul. Among a dark nightclub-style room with high-energy music, you will move to the beat and follow the choreography for an extremely fun workout.
The harder you ride, the more you burn!

50 minute class/ Διάρκεια μαθήματος: 50’

Give this total body workout, a try!
This is a high cardio workout that keeps your heart pumping and burns lots of calories. You will punch, jab and kick your way towards better balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Plus your brain gets a workout as well while your self-confidence gets a real lift!

50 minute class



Work out inside a friendly environment with club-like lights and studio grade sound! Book a room for your personal training needs.



Get fit at our fully equipped open gym.

FFPOWER is FFREAK’s small group personal program specifically designed to help members transform their fitness regime through assisted weights training.

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